10 must-see scrolling websites that do interactive web design well

29 November 2021
5 min read

Interactive scrolling is a great way to improve the browsing experience. Some types of scrolling include long scrolling and parallax scrolling. Long scrolling websites allow users to scroll for an extended period of time. Ideally, long scrolling is used for storytelling and works well on desktops and mobile devices. Parallax scrolling is a popular technique where the background of the website moves at a slower rate than the foreground, simulating a 3D effect. Interactive scrolling websites engage users in a creative way, allowing them to take charge of navigating through the site.

In this post, you will find 10 must-see interactive scrolling websites to gain inspiration for the design of your own website.

1. Misato Town Shimane


Misato Town in Shimane Prefecture is a small town located in Japan. This website was created by SHIFTBRAIN and was launched to communicate the benefits of the Japanese town to its citizens and visitors. It takes you on a tour through the town with unique and colourful illustrations by just scrolling through the website.

2. Zoox


Zoox is a vehicle company based in California. Their website showcases the vehicle at different angles upon scrolling and highlights the product mainly through visuals with minimal text.

3. Guide to sustainable menu


The design of this site is minimal, using simple shapes and colours. As you scroll, colours fill up the white spaces, drawing attention to the content sections without the use of feature images. The site is mainly text-based and uses animation to separate content sections.

4. Design Scramble


Design Scramble is an annual design festival that aims to revitalize the creative community. The website hosts information about the festival and features a unique visual identity with animated scrolling and interactive elements. 

5. Atrio


Atrio’s site is a portfolio of their web agency works. The landing page has an eye-catching animation that moves horizontally. Scrolling triggers an animation and the elements appear one after the other, fading into view. The website also uses simple contrasting black and white colours.

6. Lyst: Denim Report


Lyst tells a story of the history of denim using creative interactive scrolling. Some sections of the website have elements moving horizontally and vertically simultaneously. It also mobilises a timeline design to emphasise denim trends throughout the years.

7. Distillo Caffe


Distillo Caffe’s site is a fun and interactive scrolling website that uses a lot of animation effects. It is a one-pager and its effects work both upwards and downwards. Apart from scrolling, visitors can also click on certain elements to mimic the process of processing coffee beans.

8. Einfach


Einfach’s website is an interactive portfolio. Similar to Atrio, images fade in and appear on scrolling. Its landing page is simple with a hovering 3D-like blue sphere (which is also a part of their brand identity) and attracts visitors to click on it. Clicking on the sphere directs visitors to a page that introduces the agency and what they do.

9. Aristide Benoist


Unlike traditional vertical scrolling sites, this aesthetically-pleasing website features horizontal scrolling. Its landing page showcases a plethora of projects in rectangles with a 3D effect. Users can click on these individual rectangles to explore the developer’s portfolio. To return to the landing page, they can simply scroll horizontally again to reduce the size of the rectangles and continue scrolling.

10. Cyclemon


Cyclemon is a dynamic website with a parallax scrolling effect, created by Thomas Pomarrelle. It is a fun website for people to find out their bike type with descriptive words and matching colourful illustrations of bicycles. 

Engage your users with a well-designed, interactive scrolling website

Implementing interactive scrolling in your website can greatly enhance the user experience and visitors’ impression of your brand. Doing so will increase the chances of lead generation and can ultimately help to reach your goals and improve conversion rate. Scrolling effects are a simple part of a website, but if done well can majorly impact your website and goals in a positive way. Check out our Fab Lab for more examples of our interactive works, or drop us a line to find out how we can boost your website with interactive design elements!

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