3 Red Flags on Why You Should Change Your SEO Agency

25 August 2023
3 min read

Are you paying a significant amount of money on search engine optimisation (SEO) on a monthly basis, receiving monthly reports that you mostly do not understand, and no significant increase in leads or conversions? Perhaps it is time to change your SEO agency.

Oangle first started out as a specialist agency in Singapore for web design and development, with little expertise in SEO (in 2013). Over the years, with hundreds of websites designed, developed and launched, thousands of web pages created and numerous web revisions made, we have seen various trends and learnt many facts about the SEO industry in Singapore. Through multiple pains and heartaches dealing with various SEO agencies, we have decided to write this article to share the hard lessons that we have learnt over the years, in hopes that this will save you much time, cost and labour in your journey of improving your SEO for your websites.

Do note that Oangle’s perspective is certainly from a web development agency point of view – we value aesthetics, we value web UI and UX, and that makes us consider a lot more than the standard SEO agency (whose, sole focus is, rightly, just on search rankings).

If you find yourself saying “Yes” to any of the below statements, then it is time for you to consider changing your SEO Agency:

  1. You are paying a significant amount of money yearly for SEO, but you see no significant improvement in your leads or conversions, and receive a monthly report that you mostly do not understand, or doesn’t help you to draw any insights or make any changes to better your rankings.
  2. Your SEO Agency is asking you to add chunks of text to your website that spoils the user experience of your site and blurs your brand identity.
  3. After the first few months of improvement, you no longer see any improvement in your leads or conversions.

SEO Agencies are usually not there during the initial phase of design/development – their requests for additional text content can abruptly affect the confirmed design/development of pages, especially towards the end of the project. Doing SEO concurrently with the design/development in mind can help save additional time and effort taken to make changes to the site.

Having your Web Developer perform your SEO for you is an even greater bonus – when it comes to on-site SEO, you will notice that with a separate SEO Agency, the majority of the fixes or amendments required for SEO need to be implemented on the website itself. Usually, SEO agencies do not do it themselves, and if they do, they might not have highly experienced in-house web developers, and may risk breaking the website in other areas.

As a policy, Oangle generally only does on-page SEO (because we are still, down to our blood, a web design and development agency, and not an SEO agency), and we prefer to do SEO audits and enhancements only for websites that we develop. Drop us a message for a free SEO Audit and advice on minor enhancements or tweaks to your website, and you can choose whether or not to engage us for your website’s search engine optimisation or website redesign.

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