3 Ways To Ensure Your Landing Page Has Good UX Design

08 July 2021
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Landing pages are widely used in digital marketing and produce some of the highest conversion rates when done well. As a web design agency with digital marketing services, we’ve created some landing pages of our own and have also researched among ourselves on some of the best practices for creating a landing page on the web with good UX design.

UX Web Design Tip #1: Your Landing Page Should Have A Captivating CTA

The call-to-action (CTA) is the most important part of a landing page — it’s what will lead users to your end goal — whether it’s generating leads or gaining conversions. It is the one thing you want users to do through your landing page and is the primary conversion metric. As such, your CTA should be clear and enticing enough for users to want to click it.

Place Your CTA Where It Can Be Easily Seen

Typically, the CTA should be located on the first fold of your landing page and again at the bottom of the page as a final action once users have gone through the page’s content. There should be enough white space around each CTA button so that they are able to stand out from the rest of the content on the page.

Design Your CTA To Attract Attention

In addition, CTAs are normally boldly coloured to attract attention. They should also be labelled with enticing, actionable text such as “Try Our Free Trial” or “Reserve my table” — this helps to give a recap of what the landing page is all about. Using first-person language in CTAs has also been proven to increase the chances of conversion as it makes users feel like they’re in control of the decision-making process.

how to ensure your landing page has good ux web design - cta
Source: Amy Porterfield

UX Web Design Tip #2: Keep Your Content Concise And Convincing

Your Content Should Be Just The Right Length

Content should be as long as it takes to make your point thoroughly and convincingly so the user will take action.

As a guide, your content should be relatively short if there is minimal risk or cost for the user involved — for example, to download an e-book, purchase an inexpensive product or sign up for a newsletter. Your content should also be short if your offer is time-sensitive and users might miss out if they don’t take action straight away. Additionally, if you are advertising to existing customers, your content should focus on the offer itself and not so much about your brand as they should already be familiar with your brand.

On the other hand, if you are promoting something that requires a greater commitment from your users e.g. purchasing a pricier product/plan or registering for an event, slightly longer content might be needed to justify that investment. If you’re advertising to new customers, you might need to introduce your brand a little more too. 

Your points should sufficiently cover what you intend to convey concisely. Pointers and infographics are preferred over chunks of text as they are easier to scan through and absorb. Remember to only include content that is important and relevant to the focus of the landing page so as to not overwhelm your users. 

3 Ways To Ensure Your Landing Page Has Good UX Design - content
Source: Oangle’s Interactive Campaign Landing Page

Prove Your Credibility

The language of your content should be clear, compelling and actionable. Include benefits, relevant statistics and convincing information about your product or offer. Social proof such as testimonials and reviews work well to increase your credibility. Displaying clients and brands you’ve worked with will also help to make you seem more trustworthy. When potential customers see that other people are happy with their purchase, the tangible benefits will become clearer to them and they will be more convinced into converting.

how to ensure your landing page has good ux web design - testimonial
Source: Oangle’s WordPress Web Design Landing Page

UX Web Design Tip #3: Test And Optimise Your Landing Page

Every landing page has a different focus, content and audience, thus it is unlikely to get perfect results upon the first try. Therefore, it is crucial to keep testing and optimising your page to refine it such that it provides the best user experience for your users and improves your conversion rate. After your landing page has been live for some time (e.g. a few months), analyse its results from data such as clickthrough rate, conversions and bounce rate. After identifying possible insights and points of improvement, conduct A/B testing and keep optimising your page to get the best possible conversion rate. Conducting such tests will also help you gain valuable insights that will come in handy for your future landing pages and digital marketing projects.

Your Landing Page Should Ease Your Burdens, Not Add To Them

With the above 3 UX web design tips, hopefully the process of creating a successful landing page will be smoother for you. If any difficulties occur along the way, feel free to drop us a line for help or advice. We’d be happy to assist you! With our digital marketing and web development experience, we’ll surely have a solution for you.

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