5 Design Mistakes Web Design Studios Make Sure To Avoid

15 October 2020
5 min read

An attractive and professional website is essential for gaining new customers and building a solid online presence. With many businesses in Singapore going online these days, it is the aim of many to have a nice-looking website that boosts conversions and generates revenue. However, creating such a website can be a struggle for some, especially without the help of a web design agency. It is important to have a balance between aesthetics and functionality. While a website’s design should undoubtedly look nice, it should not overcomplicate things and overwhelm visitors. In this article, we will look at some fatal web design mistakes that can cause the downfall of your business, so you know what to avoid when launching or redesigning your website.

1. Lack Of A Clear CTA

A fatal but common web design mistake that web design agencys make sure to avoid is a lack of a clear call to action (CTA). A CTA is important as it directs the user towards the next step and ultimately towards the desired end goal. They are usually in the form of a link or button and include a persuasive command such as “Buy Now”, “Learn More” or “Call Us”. The copy used should prompt users to take action and be simple, short and sweet. Just by looking at it, users should be able to understand where the CTA will lead to.

2. Poor Navigation

Secondly, having a poor navigation is one of the fastest ways to lose visitors and potential customers. It is another fatal web design mistake that web design agencys watch out for. A navigation menu that is difficult to locate or with broken links can easily frustrate users. In today’s fast-paced world, people expect content to be delivered quickly. As such, they will not hesitate to look for another website if yours is slow or hard to navigate through. A good website should have a clear navigation, listing out all important pages and should not be confusing or lead users to a dead end.

3. Not Mobile-friendly Or Responsive

Said to be a crucial feature of any website, a deadly mistake that web design agencys will always advise against is to launch a website that is not mobile-friendly or responsive. Since a large portion of web browsers today are mobile users, you lose out on a significant number of potential customers if your website is not mobile-friendly or responsive. These days, screens come in many sizes and it is important for your website to cater to common sizes such as desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile devices. To check whether your website is responsive, try resizing your browser size. Your website should automatically adapt itself if it is responsive. If not, it is high time to adopt a responsive and mobile-friendly design.

4. Unclear Contact Information

This web design mistake is a no-brainer, but it is still one that several websites tend to make and one that web design agencys will always look out for. However, it is also one of the easiest to solve or avoid. Your potential customers and clients should be able to get in touch with you easily. The more effort they have to put in to get the information they need, the more frustrated they will become. Your contact information or contact page should be visible and clear. It should be at most a click away, such as on the header or footer.

5. Poor Use Of White Space

The last web design mistake that web design agencys keep in mind is a poor use of white space or negative space. The key to making good use of white space is the intent. Having too much or too little white space can decrease clarity and focus. If there is not enough white space, your content can become overwhelming to read or look at. White space, or negative space, should be used to separate elements on a page from one another and to help define the most important elements. When used right, it can increase legibility, attention and comprehension.

Google’s search page, for example, makes good use of white space to focus the user’s attention on what’s most important. The user’s focus is shifted to the search bar, which aligns with the user’s goal of searching for something.

screenshot of google search

How To Fix These Fatal Web Design Mistakes

Do it yourself

If you have the time and resources and do not wish to spend additional money, it is possible to fix these web design issues by yourself. However, doing so would require an investment of time to learn more about these issues and how to solve them. You can search for online sources to educate yourself on related topics. Remember to do thorough checks on your website to ensure you do not miss out any web design mistakes.

Hire a professional web design agency

This option is for those who are unsure of how to avoid or solve some of the web design issues on their website and do not have much time to spend working on it. Hiring a web design agency to help you can save you a lot of time and effort. Your website can still be saved and enhanced to become an ideal website that generates leads, conversions and increases revenue.

As a web design agency in Singapore, Oangle is experienced in creating professional websites that cater to businesses’ needs and help them reach their goals. Take a look at the services we offer and drop us a message to find out more. It’s never too late to start enhancing your website and improve its performance!



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