5 Steps To Writing An Effective Cold Email From A Web Design Agency

22 May 2021
5 min read

Everyone knows how hard it is to create an effective cold email. Cold emailing is one of the hardest forms of communication, and it is for two specific reasons. Firstly, when cold-emailing someone, you have no prior knowledge or relationship with that said person. Secondly, you do not receive verbal feedback, which is why it is hard to pinpoint the reasons for your cold email’s failure.

However, there are rules that one can follow to ensure a well-put-together email that will catch the eye of potential clients. In this article, we will go through the 5 steps to crafting a successful cold email from our experience as a web design agency with digital marketing knowledge in Singapore.

Step 1: Tailor Your Message According To Your Recipient

Our first advice as a web design agency is to tailor your message to your recipient. In order to do this, you need to carry out proper research on the market and your recipients. With the right knowledge, creating a template for your specific cold emails and Electronic Direct Mails (EDMs) will be effective. Personalisation means that you have done the necessary research and thought about who your recipient is as a person, what services they need and what market they are in. This shows that you have put in the work to try to understand them, which makes you more approachable. When writing a cold email, you want to make it clear as to why you are emailing them and not anyone else. This will make them feel special and sought for. 

Step 2: Validate Yourself

Secondly, when you meet a stranger or send an email to one, they would want to know who you are, why you are important and why you are emailing them. You have to remember that you are also a stranger to them, and even though you have done your research, they do not know anything about you. You need to show examples as to why you are credible and why they should trust you. Finding a common ground would help as it creates a bond that would make forming a relationship easier. If you are a person of authority, credibility and even social status that is relevant to your recipient’s market, it may also help you get a faster response. 

Step 3: Alleviate Your Audience’s Pain By Offering Something They Need

Thirdly, it is important that whatever you are offering in your email is beneficial to your recipient. If you are offering something that can alleviate the pain of your recipient, they will be more eager to answer your cold email. This also ties in with doing your proper research beforehand. When writing your email, be sure to address their pain points, present your viable solution and why it can help or benefit your recipient.

Step 4: Keep It Short, Easy, Clear And Actionable

It is evident that short emails are more likely to be read compared to long and lengthy ones. No one likes reading emails that are long-winded and vague. Emails that are specific and provide recipients with clear, actionable steps will get a higher response rate.

Step 5: Be Appreciative

Finally, when writing an email, it is good to be appreciative or even a little vulnerable. You are approaching and asking a stranger for a favour, so expressing some gratitude will go a long way. It can make you sound friendlier and less demanding, which your recipients will be more receptive towards. As a web design agency, this is something that we keep in mind when reaching out to our clients too.

Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts And Get The Conversions You Seek

With these 5 steps in mind, hopefully you’ll be more equipped to craft your own cold email for your potential customers. Keep in mind that as with all digital marketing strategies, a lot of trial and error needs to be done before you figure out the best cold email message for your recipients. Of course, this varies according to the demographic of your audience too. For more information about cold emails and digital marketing or any web-related matters, feel free to drop us a line! As a web design agency in Singapore with considerable experience in the digital marketing field, we’d be happy to chat and offer you solutions.

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