5 Web Design Trends Of 2022 To Apply In Your Next Website Redesign

25 July 2022
5 min read

As we are around halfway through the year, our team of web designers and developers decided to take a look at some web design trends we’ve noticed in 2022. If you’re looking to redesign your website or are just interested to learn more, read on to know our top five trends, with descriptions and reasons why we like them.

1. Glassmorphism

Source: t.ricks

Glassmorphism adds a veiled layer of transparency. This effect can be created by playing with layering, opacity, and blur. To further sharpen the sense of dimensionality, drop shadows and borders are sometimes added too.

2. Scrollmation

Source: MinimalGoods

When a site is described as using scrollmation, it means it features infinite scrolling with animations that are activated upon scroll. This allows users to have both interaction and content without the page reloading all the time. Such sites usually have a strong narrative and can even feature 3D elements for an immersive experience.

3. Oversized Typography

Source: Humain

This year, we noticed a greater focus on typography. Bolder and more experimental fonts are used to give the website a sense of style, as compared to relying on hero images or graphics. These texts are usually larger in size and can be interactive too (for example changing upon hover). At a certain size, words become more of a graphic element than simply part of the copy. 

This technique is seen in many immersive scrolling websites to catch users’ attention. It can be used in minimalist or maximalist designs just as effectively and can suit many different styles. However, be careful of how you adopt this trend, as it can be hard to read for text-heavy sites.


4. Video Landings

Source: Oust

Recently, we’ve also noticed more websites using video landings instead of the usual static banner. This is a great option for grabbing the attention of your users right from the start, with video content that showcases your work or highlights the essence of your brand.

Source: Eva Habermann

5. Colourful Gradients

Although bold colours and gradients have been dominating the web design scene for a while now, we’re keeping this on our list due to its unwavering popularity. Colourful gradients help to add spice and texture to flat designs, strengthening your visual identity and attracting users’ attention.

Source: Vita Architecture

Interactivity and immersive web experiences get better over the years

As we’ve seen over the past few years, web design trends have evolved to enhance the interactive experience of websites. It’s safe to say that interactivity is here to stay and brands today would be wise to pay more attention to enhancing the experience of their websites. As a web design agency in Singapore, Oangle specialises in interactive web development across a range of industries. Interested in improving the interactivity of your website in your next redesign? Drop us a line — we’d be happy to help.

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