7 Stats To Show How Web Design Helps First Impressions

22 September 2020
3 min read

Setting up a new business requires a great deal of effort, and there are many different areas to oversee and take care of. Unfortunately, companies sometimes neglect their online presence and website. This is where the job of web design studios come in! We’ve compiled a list of statistics from Review 42 and created an infographic to show how web design plays a vital role in making a good impression. As a web design studio in Singapore, we agree that these statistics should influence businesses to pay more attention to the design of their websites.

infographic on first impressions on websites

1. In just 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds), visitors already form an opinion of a website.
2. 94% of website first impressions are related to its design.
3. It only takes 2.66 seconds for visitors to pay attention to a key area of a website.
4. 42% of consumers form a judgment of an e-Commerce website based on its design alone.
5. 52% of online shoppers say a website’s overall aesthetics is a reason to not revisit it.
6. 47% of users expect a web page to load in not more than two seconds.
7. 10 seconds are all that a website has to make an impression.

The fact of the matter is that people do judge a book by its cover. As such, it is crucial to make a good, lasting first impression on your visitors. This impacts their impression of the brand as a whole and ultimately helps in conversion as well. From these facts, we’re sure by now you agree that good web design is key in order to build a strong online brand presence, which can help your business tremendously. If you plan to start a website for your business or already own one, keep these statistics in mind and ensure that the design of your website draws customers instead of pushing them away.

If you’re looking to improve the design of your website, there are many resources online that teach about good web design practices and tips. In fact, we’ve written blog posts about web design mistakes to avoid and ways to apply UX to web design. Alternatively, you can always hire a web design studio to take care of the web design work for you. There are a good number of web design studios in Singapore that specialise in creating websites for businesses. As such a web design studio in Singapore ourselves, Oangle takes pride in our web design and development projects. In our many years of existence, we have helped many businesses, both big and small, with beneficial websites that are customised to their specific needs. Drop us a line if you’re keen to find out more — be it on our web services, projects or just simply web design in general!



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