A day in the life of a designer in a web design agency

25 March 2022
4 min read

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a designer in a web design agency? Read on to learn a bit more of what our designers do in a work day.

Managing Tasks

At Oangle, our day starts with a stand-up meeting—it used to be literal, but for now courtesy of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic we have the luxury of sitting down over a virtual conference call, where we discuss our projects and tasks for the day, as well as any meetings with clients or amongst our teams.

Client Meetings

During these client meetings, we typically review the designs and developed products together through each step to make sure every little detail is accounted for with utmost care. Notes are taken for any comments or feedback that result from the open discussions we encourage in our meetings, which will be further detailed and raised as issues on our project management system afterwards.

Collaborating as a Design Team

Again thanks to the pandemic, something new we discovered was the collaboration function on Adobe XD; this enabled us to work together on the same design file and share materials with one another instantaneously without the hassle of using external tools to handle the tedious task of file sharing… *thank you technology!* Even when we do file share in the team, it’s made effortless through our shared Dropbox storage.

Although it was fun to be able to shout across the open office environment to get someone’s attention (it still is actually), these days we typically have short meetings within our teams due to the hybrid work environment currently in place. This ensures everyone gets up to speed on certain projects and are aware of the workload each of us are handling at the moment.

QA Testing

A large part of our working process on any project is QA (quality assurance, for the uninitiated), which is something Oangle takes pretty seriously. As a project reaches completion of its development, we typically run multiple rounds of checks to fix potential bugs or styling issues with the help of various colleagues from our different teams. To make sure our process is consistent and thorough, we typically refer to a *foolproof* checklist we’ve developed over the years to look through and ensure every facet has been observed, which also helps keep the team organised on who’s checking using which platform and so on.


All in all, working in the web design industry here in Singapore requires a fast-paced and adaptive attitude, as well as being open to collaboration and managing multiple tasks well. Even as the ongoing pandemic goes on, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver the same quality of work no matter rain or shine, being flexible to our working environment settings. For more information about working in a web design agency in Singapore, check out our Careers page or drop us a message!

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