A look back on 2022: What we have accomplished as a Web Design Agency in Singapore

30 December 2022
4 min read

It’s coming to the end of a busy year, and we have spent some time reflecting deeper on life, work and our company. In a nutshell, it has been a year of transition, as we look to pivot from:

1. Restructure

We ended 2021 with one full-time Project Manager, and we’re ending 2022 with three (and a half) Project Managers. The difference is significant – we’re able to streamline our roles, enabling our designers and developers to focus more on what they do best, designing and developing a better web world.

We look forward to improving our project management structure and workflows so that our clients benefit from our efficiency as well.

project manager
Our Project Managers

2. Quality assessment (QA) checks with improved checklists

We have restructured and refined our QA checklists at least twice this 2022. This stemmed from the experience of having lost valuable time and resources going back and forth with developers, clients and designers discussing functional, stylistic and User Experience (UX) bugs.

With a better checklist and a QA personnel involved in every project right from the get-go, we plan to streamline the process and save our clients time during client User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

3. Company Trip

We used to have yearly company trips, but COVID struck, and our last trip was in 2019. Although the whole team could not travel with us this year as COVID was still a real threat at that point, we’re happy for the refresh and look forward to more fun times together.

Company trip to meet our hardworking Vietnam team

4. Product Development

We’ve been working tirelessly in the latter half of the year on a couple of product developments, and while there were some hiccups here and there, we look forward to finally being able to publish something in 2023. Hint: Unified CMS? Headless CMS? We look forward to helping our clients revolutionise their web development structure and achieve greater, more modern efficiency.

There are huge changes coming our way, as we look forward to our 10th Anniversary in 2023. We’re also expecting a time of transition in terms of company structure and policies. All in all, we hope that by streamlining our company’s operations and structure, we can provide greater value to our clients, and value-add our staff with immense personal growth as well.

Have an exciting project or a need for interactive web design in the new year of 2023? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line, we’ll be happy to help.

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