A Web Design Agency Shares 3 Digital Marketing Trends In 2021

28 June 2021
3 min read

It’s no secret that because of the pandemic, 2020 was a rough year for all — including businesses all around the world. There have been subsequential budget cuts due to COVID19, and that has caused significant shifts in consumer behaviour which has required businesses to respond swiftly.

The focus of businesses turned to digital transformation to help them stay afloat and push forward their campaigns. Most made the conscious decision to follow consumer trends and shift to social media and the web. As the uncertainty continued into 2021, digital marketing trends also adapted to suit the current situation. As a web design agency offering digital marketing services, here are three trends we noticed this year in the industry.

1. Data & Analytics

The first trend we noticed in businesses’ digital marketing plans as a web design agency is that they have started to consciously analyse their data and use it to find competitive advantages. By collecting massive data and using data collecting tools, businesses can gain valuable insights. These insights can help in creating smarter and profitable strategies and action plans.

2. Video Marketing

The second trend that we noticed is that video marketing remains a priority for marketing teams in 2021. Video marketing is said to be the most popular and effective type of content marketing. With promotional videos and storytelling, it is easier to connect with campaigns on social media and reach targeted markets.

3. Omnichannel Approach

The last digital marketing trend we noticed as a web design agency is the use of omnichannel approaches. An omnichannel approach is a strategy that puts the customer in the middle of your brand strategy. This means that you try to connect to your customers in multiple ways across different platforms. It also means that you use different channels to work together instead of against each other; having different platforms supporting each other. To achieve this you would need to unify your data, get a 360-degree view and collect better insights. The next step is to use these insights to monitor patterns and behaviours on different devices, then you can fine-tune the different channels to target certain groups. 

Use Current Trends To Your Advantage

We’ve always believed that riding on trends can be useful in gaining valuable insights and your audience’s attention. With knowledge and proper application of these three digital marketing trends, businesses can thrive digitally and compete in this fast-changing world. For more information on how to apply these trends, feel free to drop us a line! As a web design agency in Singapore, we also offer various digital marketing services and enjoy advising businesses on how they can best improve their digital presence.

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