Miwa Otsuka is a change agent, coach and consultant. She provides her clients with the opportunity to make a change and realise their mission, goals and dreams through increasing their awareness of mind, emotions, body and behaviour.

Miwa Otsuka Change Agent Oangle

Miwa believes that security is the foundation of everything and always makes sure her clients feel safe under her care.

The biggest characteristic of her coaching and consulting is facilitating change through “A-HA” moments. In other words, she helps leaders to elicit their latent talent, strength and endless potential by themselves. The main focus of her sessions is always the client.

Therefore, Miwa first listens to her clients as an entrance to the journey of change. She appreciates and enjoys being with her client’s breathtaking moment of change.

Current workshops offered

Miwa Otsuka Leadership Development Oangle Web Services

Leadership Development

Miwa Otsuka Change Agent Stress Management Course Oangle

Stress Management

Miwa Otsuka Change Agent Harrassment Prevention Course Oangle

Harassment Prevention

Miwa Otsuka Change Agent Career Coaching Course Oangle

Career Coaching

Miwa Otsuka Change Agent Communication Course Oangle


Miwa Otsuka Change Agent Transltion of Japanese to English Oangle

Translation & Interpretation of Japanese & English

Miwa Otsuka Change Agent Japanese and English Course Oangle

Teaching Japanese & English

Miwa Otsuka Change Agent Family Business Course Oangle

Family Business

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Miwa Otsuka’s Change Agent Journey

Miwa Otsuka Professional Consultant Oangle

Miwa Otsuka’s Change Agent Journey

Miwa finished taking all the courses in EMCCC (Executive Master in Coaching and Consulting for Change) at INSEAD in 2019. She first studied Coaching in NYC in 2006 when she pursued the first MA (in TESOL) at Columbia University.

She has lived in the US, UK, France, Germany, and Singapore and has travelled more than 50 countries. She respects and appreciates other cultures and their different perspectives. She believes that by increasing each one’s awareness, every person has the ability to create a gentle and kind world.

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