My 44 days as an intern in a web design agency in Singapore

26 April 2022
2 min read

While waiting to enlist into the army, I briefly joined Oangle, a web design agency in Singapore, as a UI/UX intern. Here’s a take on my experience, and what to expect from an internship in a similar web design agency.

What it’s like as an intern in a web design agency

Being an intern at Oangle is great due to the many opportunities that are provided for you to gain new insights and exposure into the industry. Furthermore, I had the chance to be exposed to the different roles that make up such an agency, from Web Developers to Project Managers as well as Designers. I also got to participate in a wide variety of projects, ranging from UI/UX designs to Quality Assurance testing and liaising with clients. To summarize, being an intern at Oangle has great opportunities to learn and expand your skillset.

My experience as a UI/UX design intern and what I enjoyed

What I really enjoyed here at Oangle was the amount of opportunities I had to learn & experience new things, such as being able to be onsite for projects, being able to design logos and do some branding for clients, and of course design webpages as well. Furthermore, I really enjoyed the new skills I picked up such as using and learning Elementor along with some simple coding. I think a big part is that I got a better experience and insight into what the working life of a UI/UX Designer is like, and I enjoyed that a lot.

There weren’t many things that I did not enjoy during my time interning here, however there was a few days where some tasks were a bit on the ‘dryer’ side which did feel slightly monotonous and tiring after a while however other than that I felt my experience here was a fulfilling one and I do hope it was the same for them having me.

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