icon for branding and corporate identity

Branding and corporate identity is an important factor when it comes to a company’s success. A strong brand identity helps you stand out from the crowd and provides significant competitive advantage and opportunities that help a business thrive. With it, stronger connections can be built, forging more meaningful relationships between your company and your target audience. At Oangle, we help business build their brand and identity by providing the following services: 

  • Logo Design
  • Name Card Design 
  • Letterhead Design 
  • Pitch Decks 
  • Content Generation 

Oangle has a secure and specific process in creating a solid brand and corporate identity that will demonstrate all of your goals. Our process includes conducting research, developing and clarifying a strategy, designing the identity, creating touchpoints and managing assets. When we conduct our research for each client, we examine the current position and situation they are in, asking tentative questions and finding out the desired direction for the brand. We also make an assessment and propose a direction we think the brand should go in.

Our research will clarify the vision of our clients and the goals and values of their company. To do so we have to understand the company’s mission and vision and fully immerse ourselves into their company values, goals and personality. It is crucial that we fully understand the client’s target markets, competitive advantage, brand personality and their brand proposition in order to develop and clarify a strategy.

When creating a brand strategy, we also look closely at how our clients want their brand to be portrayed to the customers, as well as from the perspective of their customers. Here at Oangle, we narrow the focus down as much as possible — we believe that a strong brand has a tight and clear focus. Our inhouse team is experienced in many different aspects, including SEO, SEM, web development, and social media and are able to present your brand in the best angle. With a team of varying skillsets, we are able to create a holistic brand identity for your brand.

Additionally, we provide Web UI and UX design services as well, allowing your brand identity to come to life online. Through our strategic thinking and creative process, Oangle analyses your needs and requirements to craft a suitable direction and strategy for your company’s branding and corporate identity. Our goal is to help you achieve your ideal tone and personality that will help your company establish connections with the right people. Interested to find out more about our creative design services and how we can bring your brand’s identity to greater heights? Drop us a message now, we’d be happy to answer your queries!