Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are in short, moving graphic designs. They can be explainer videos, animated infographics, short animated advertisement videos or landing pages of websites, especially for campaigns. These videos usually consist of text as the major component to either tell a story, explain a concept, create awareness or for branding purposes. A well-done motion graphic can greatly delight, inspire and act as a call to action for your website’s needs.

What is the difference between Motion Graphics and Animations?

Generally, motion graphics can be considered as a type of animation, but it is more specifically referring to giving movement and motion to static graphics. Animations can include cartoons and other forms of moving elements. It breathes life into inanimate designs to create visual interest that helps convey the intended message better.

What is the difference between Motion Graphics and Interactive Web?

As the name states, interactive web designs prompt user interactions, such as taking user inputs or altering how the website displays information through, for example, playing games and achieving goals.

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At Oangle, we believe that the greatest value of motion graphics is in its ability to quickly and effectively tell your brand’s story in a way that creates camaraderie with the user. We transform your static visuals into engaging and exciting showstoppers. Our experienced designers create immersive motion graphics animation videos to cater to your existing assets or even from scratch. Drop us a line to kick-start your motion graphics project today.