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Terms and Conditions – CNY Promo

Validity of Promotion

1)      This promotion is only valid if the contract or quotation is signed from 1st February 2018 – 28th February 2018.

2)      This promotion is only limited to one per company or individual.


Specifications of Features Provided

3)      This promotion provides for 1-year free 2gb hosting and a free .com/.net/.org domain. This offer is not exchangeable or refundable. Therefore, if you do not require a hosting plan or a domain name, you may not exchange for another advanced feature for free.

4)      This promotion provides for a 1-year free 2gb hosting and a free .com/.net/.org domain. The one year term will begin on the day that the quotation or contract was signed, and will expire in a year’s time. You will be invoiced $80 per year for your domain and hosting for every subsequent year.

5)      This promotion provides for a 1 year free 2gb hosting plan. You are required to pay more if you need more hosting space.

6)      This promotion provides for a 1-year free .com/.net/.org domain. However, whether you are able to get the domain name of your preference is subject to its availability. If you want a domain of a different extension, you are required to pay for the full sum of the domain registration fee (usually from $40 – $80 per year).

7)      No SSL certificate will be provided. If you require SSL (https protocol), you are required to pay an extra fee.

8)      No e-commerce or shopping carts are provided for in this promotion. If you require e-commerce, you are required to pay for the add-on (check with us to get a quote).

9)      All websites provided for in this promotion package will be built on the WordPress CMS.

10)   All website designs in this promotion package will be based on premium templates.

11)   This promotion provides for the design of up to 5 web pages. For additional pages, we will charge accordingly.

12)   All website designs provided for in this promotion will be mobile-responsive.

13)   Basic website features like forms, maps, accordions, tabs, sliders, carousels and much more are provided for in this promotion (based on which template was selected). You may be required to pay extra for certain advanced features. We will let you know if a feature you requested requires an extra charge.



14)   This promotion provides a 2 weeks free maintenance period after the launch of the website. During this period, if there are any slight tweaks or content changes you require to your website, we will do them for you for free. However, major tweaks to existing features/layouts or new features are still chargeable. Maintenance requests after the first two weeks of launch will be chargeable.

15)   This promotion provides for a complimentary one-hour training on how to maintain and manage your website. You will be able to update your website adequately after the training.



16)   All projects require a 50% deposit before we start work on the project.

17)   All projects under this promotion are also expected to be completed within a maximum of 2 months, starting from the day that the contract or quotation was signed. An additional fee may be incurred if the project delay is caused by you.

18)   All projects under this promotion are given up to 2 rounds of revisions. Additional revisions will be chargeable.

19)   Final payment should be made within 2 weeks of launch. Your website may be taken down if we fail to receive your final payment within the first 2 weeks of the launch of your live site.


Last updated: 13th February 2018