Friends At First Sight

Our early founders, Amanda, Shirin and Yi Qi first met while working on various design, coding and multimedia projects. This was the start of an unlikely friendship!

oangle founder 2012

We Form A Good Team

The trio spent more time together, like working on gaming projects in Gambit. They found that they had synergy and worked well as a team — an advantage that they would soon put to good use.

oangle gaming projects

Grad Year Rush

Shirin and Yi Qi spent their final years in university labouring tirelessly for their graduation projects, of which managed to snag several awards.

final year projects


Founding Of Oangle Design

Together, Shirin and Yi Qi decided to start an agency as a one-stop solution for all things digital and design. Thus, Oangle Design was founded as a hybrid design agency.

oangle design old logo 2013

Our First ‘Office’

We started off without a proper office, but that didn’t stop us. Back then, we were churning out projects right in Yi Qi’s backyard!

oangle first office

Slow & Steady

As we were just starting out, we were new to a lot of things and didn’t have a lot of projects. We spent most of our time figuring things out and building up the brand’s foundation.

oangle brand foundation


The Trio Is Reunited

Not wanting to miss out, Amanda joined Oangle Design in 2014 as a creative.

old namecard design

Going Digital

To reflect our new focus and area of expertise, Oangle Design rebranded as a web design and development-focused agency. This marked the start of more exciting web projects!

oangle design logo 2014

New Focus, New Website

To accompany our rebranding as a web-focused agency, we came up with a new website.

oangle design website 2014

The Wonders Of WordPress

Realising the power of content management systems, we started focusing on WordPress website development. This eventually became one of our top services, and still is up ‘til today.

screenshot of shiprepair wordpress website


So Long, Shirin

In pursuit of other career opportunities, Shirin parted ways with us. We’re always thankful for the hard work and strong foundation she left behind.

shirin parting 2015

Baby Steps

Every piece of work counts and each project helps to pave the way to even bigger projects. We finally hit a milestone — 100 completed web & design projects!

oangle 100 project milestones

Initial Interactive Works

We got to work on Lahore Landing, the final year project of a group of NTU students. We worked on the development of this fully interactive web documentary, which went on to receive several awards. This experience helped to gain us even more interactive projects in the future.

screenshot of lahore landing interactive documentary website


Workings Of The Web

Another milestone! We completed 100 web development projects, including some larger-scale ones and international clients.

screenshot of imperium website

We’ll Wow You With Our WordPress Prowess

Having worked on multiple WordPress development projects of varying levels, we were able to consider ourselves experts in the field.

screenshot of small wonder website

Small But Strong

We were just a tiny team of girls, but we packed a punch with our impressive web projects!

faces behind oangle design


Making It Official

After 4 years of hard work and achievements, we were officially incorporated as Oangle Pte Ltd! We marked this occasion as with another website revamp.

oangle motif

Our Neat New Nest

To celebrate our incorporation, we even got ourselves a sleek new office. This would soon become home to plenty of awe-inspiring ideas and ventures.

oangle new office 2017

Flexible Working Arrangements

To be more accommodating of everyone’s schedules and cater to the team’s varying needs, we started an adjustable half-office, half-home working system.

oangle team photo 2017


A New Niche — Interactive Animations

We became specialists in HTML animation and interactive web development. eCards, web interaction, browser-based games — you name it, we can build it!

HTML animation and interactive web development

e-Commerce Experts

We worked on a rising number of e-Commerce websites, ranging from small local businesses to big brands, and were becoming increasingly well-versed in this aspect. Check out our project with MOKKO MOKKO.

screenshot of mokko mokko website homepage

Sharing Our Knowledge With The World

To help small businesses or individuals who wish to learn more about the web or create their own websites, we started our very own courses. These courses range from beginner to advanced levels and cover a variety of topics we are experienced in and work with on a daily basis.

oangle office running a course

Extensive Testing Processes

Knowing the importance of testing, we implemented a new set of Quality Assurance (QA) testing protocol. This helps to ensure the stability and compatibility of our websites across different screen sizes, devices, and browsers.

quality assurance testing protocol


The Team Expands

With fresh new additions to the team, we became a 15-strong company with a mix of different skill sets and varying experience levels.

oangle team trip to vinh, vietnam

Creating Complex, Customised Systems

We took on various projects and built entirely customised and complex systems on WordPress and Android/iOS Applications. These helped to cater to each client’s specific needs, services and goals.

clash de cartier app

Seasoned In Web Security Matters

We became experienced in achieving high-level web security needs. We were able to set up SSL certificates, monitoring systems, security headers and many other measures to ensure the security of websites.

web security

Our First Trip

We went to Vietnam and enjoyed many fun experiences together — from bike tours and dining with insects to being thrown into the waterfall!

oangle team trip to vinh, vietnam


Working From Home

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Singapore’s circuit breaker measures, we reverted to a 100% WFH system. Thankfully, we were able to adapt well because of the flexible working schedule we were used to.

Slide Image

Plenty Of Interactivity

We got the chance to sharpen our interactive web development skills by working on an increasing number of websites with interactive elements.

interactive website photo

Venturing Into Gamification

How often do you get to play and work at the same time? We had fun creating several microsites with interactive minigames. Check out our inventory of interactive projects here.

oangle fortune cookie microsite

Adios, Amanda

Amanda left for other adventurous pursuits, but the creative legacy she left behind will always stay with us.

adios amanda photo


A Place For Growth & Learning

As COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, we were able to bring new interns on board — consisting of project managers, designers and developers. Each one added to the team with their fresh perspectives and got a hands-on experience of life in a web design & development agency.

oangle team photo 2021

New Outlets For Interactivity & Multimedia

We started taking on a new stream of kiosk projects where we designed, developed and tested on various multi-touch hardware, for small and big clients alike.

Slide Image


Always Advancing

As you’re reading this, we’re probably behind our screens working on greater projects and helping to make the web world a better place. We’re thankful to have made it to where we are today, but we’re always looking for new ways to learn and improve. Watch this space to see us grow to greater heights!

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