A full day childcare centre that offers a holistic learning environment for children to grow, Little Explorers Cove encourages learning through exploration and discovery. They approached Oangle to help with building an online presence, increasing awareness of their brand and generating leads online. The challenge in this website design lies in keeping the site professional and reliable, while highlighting the vibrant and exciting culture of the centre.


Little Explorers Cove needed to boost their online presence and strengthen their brand positioning with the element of learning through exploration. With conversion as a key aim, it was important to design the forms and lead collection methods with purpose. In addition, we also provided photography services to accurately capture the best moments of the children. These images were treated for web usage and brings life to the website.

mobile screenshot of little explorers website about page
mobile screenshot of little explorers website find our centres page
mobile screenshot of little explorers website about page
mobile screenshot of little explorers website find our centres page


Little Explorers Cove’s branding focuses heavily on exploration and discovery. As such, Oangle built on those themes, designing a website that exuded a sense of adventure, growth and learning opportunities. We incorporated interactive elements to add a touch of fun, professionally using subtle animations and effects to create a fun website that would appeal to both children and parents alike. These animations added to the timelessness of the web design.

The structure of the website was kept simple for easy navigation, paired with bright colours that would provide an enjoyable user journey and make a lasting impression. It is clear to users where to look first, and where to go next in the site. To promote lead generation and better conversion rates, we customised the enrolment and tour arrangement forms to make it clear and easy for parents to use, reducing the barriers between Little Explorers Cove and potential customers.


Here at Oangle, we run all our websites through a thorough Quality Assurance (QA) testing process, checking and ensuring the stability and compatibility of our websites across different screen sizes, devices, and browsers. As a result, we are able to create a reliable and enjoyable experience for all users. This is particularly cruicial for Little Explorers Cove as there were many animations and interactivity in the site, but we adjusted them to fit perfectly into different mobile screens and devices.

We’re really into interactivity

Quizzes, animated elements, scrolling effects — we can do it all!