Hi I’m Aisyah! Eager to learn more about the Web Industry and grow as a Designer, I joined Oangle in February this year on an Internship Programme. I was given many valuable opportunities to understudy other Web Designers and Project Managers and gained insightful knowledge and skills beyond just knowing how to design on a software. Let me walk you through my time here in Oangle!

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Elementor web builder

I had the opportunity to transform my designs into a website by using a web builder plugin called Elementor. This experience taught me that website creation is not solely limited to coding. As a designer, it allows me to take charge of my own design and actively participate in ensuring all the animations as well as styling were conveyed as intended.

Quality Assurance

Here in Oangle, I learn the importance of conducting Quality Assurance (QA) Testing. This process involves verifying that the design looks and functions well across different devices. By doing QA prior to launch, we can identify and address any errors or bugs before potential users access the site. Learning this made me consider my designs better in terms of responsiveness and it definitely changed the way I approach a new web design project.

Search engine optimisation

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to delve deeper into SEO and its impact on website rankings. I participated in crafting SEO Audits, offering valuable recommendations to enhance clients’ website traffic. Moreover, my newfound understanding of SEO has greatly heightened my awareness of design choices, ensuring that I create websites that are not only user-friendly but also search-engine friendly!


Every week, our team of designers will convene for a design meeting. It allows us to ensure that all members are well-informed about the progress of each project we’re currently engaged in. Occasionally, we will delve into discussions on UX and UI topics, keeping our minds active and continuously learning about the latest trends and the challenges users encounter that we can further improve on.



I have been incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with such amazing colleagues, who made everyday at work a joyful one. I have gained many valuable lessons from each and every one of them and will forever be grateful for the guidance, knowledge and laughter shared.

The friendly and supportive atmosphere created by everyone has had a profound impact on my internship journey. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of you for making the past six months smooth sailing. Thank you to the team for all the wonderful memories!


Working in an agency for the first time, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in exciting projects and actively participate in client meetings. While the pace was initially fast, effective communication and seamless collaboration among different teams ensured the successful completion of each project.

During this internship, I’ve had the privilege of engaging in a diverse range of projects beyond just web design. This exposure has allowed me to continuously learn and apply newfound knowledge in real-world business scenarios.

Even as an intern, I felt grateful for having a say in the designs and suggestions to clients. This experience boosted my confidence in sharing ideas and taught me to adapt well to feedback. Above all, my time at Oangle has instilled the understanding that learning is a constant journey, and with an open mind, one can genuinely grow and constantly enhance their skills.