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Our Works
Our Works


Ci Yuan Community Club (CYCC) is a bustling neighbourhood community club in Singapore. For Racial Harmony Day, we collaborated with them to build an interactive, gamified virtual trail where users could learn more about Singapore and its racially harmonious roots.

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Our Works
mobile mockup of twelve cupcakes website


Twelve Cupcakes required an online store to expand their services to online delivery. Their main limitation was the need to establish delivery dates before customers could start ordering, as various products require varied advance order days. They also wanted the cupcake ordering experience to be similar to how they are ordered in-store – being able to view all the flavours and picking the cupcakes as if they were right at the store.

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desktop mockup of little explorers website
mobile mockup of little explorers website


Little Explorers’ Cove facilitates learning and holistic development in children through inquiry and play. We designed a website with an adventurous style that represents their brand well. Small interactive animations were included to enhance user experience, and bring out the fun side of Little Explorers’ Cove as an education centre. All these add to an exciting and enriching browsing experience through the website, much like a child’s usual day at the centre.

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Our Works
mobile mockup of grandeur limo website


Grandeur Limousine is a Singapore transportation service provider that offers professional limousine services. With the flexibility to select from various vehicle types to specifying the type of trips required, Grandeur Limo strives to provide their clientele with the quality, comfort and luxurious rides that they truly deserve with an easy-to-use booking platform.