Oangle’d! Autumn 2021 internship

At Oangle, interns are exposed to various aspects of web design and development. This is Oangle's first part-time internship program, spanning from August 2021 to February 2022. For the majority of the internship period, we had to manage our time between working part-time and studying as full-time undergraduate students. Our time here turned out to be a truly eye-opening experience in the web industry—let's take you through a quick recap of our 6-month internship journey here at Oangle!

Massive throwbacks

AUG 2021
In the Beginning
Day One! We were welcomed as part of the Oangle team and got settled in with several crash courses and basic tutorials on the work we do here. We then got started on the first tasks handled to us, such as project documentation, QA testing and internal projects. This got us used to the culture here at Oangle and familiarised us with the working processes.
OCT 2021
Due to restrictions from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, working from home became the default—to varying levels of joy and disappointment. During this period, we had the opportunity to sit in for client meetings, and given some tasks for exposure to more relevant experiences.
NOV 2021
Finals, Finals, Finals...
As both of us are still undergraduate students at our respective universities, this month proved to be quite a bit of a balancing act as we juggled our academic studies while managing our work responsibilities and duties. As this was nearing the end of the semester for us both, we had plenty more tests and submissions throughout this period.
DEC 2021
We are Back!
With the easing of COVID-19 safety distancing measures, we were returning to work in the office gradually, and in our respective teams. This also revived the age-old dilemma and struggle we faced on a daily basis; "what should we get for lunch?".
FEB 2022
To be Continued!
As we approached our last day with Oangle, we wrapped up our projects and began handover tasks to ensure nothing was left out. Looking back, we definitely enjoyed our time here working with the team and will be looking forward to potential collaboration opportunities in the future!

In Retrospect

  • Hwai Yin

    Project Management Intern

    What was something unexpected that you’ve picked up from the internship?
    I started my internship with no prior knowledge or experience in the web design and development industry. Other than project management, I was also given opportunities to pick up new skills such as building websites. In the past 6 months, I gained a deeper understanding of my role as a project management intern and overcoming my weaknesses.

    If given a choice, would you prefer working from home or coming back to the office?
    I prefer working from home as I can save on commuting time. But I do see the benefits of working in the office, especially for communicating with others. A hybrid of both WFH and office works best for me!

  • Wilson

    Web and UI/UX Design Intern

    What was something unexpected that you’ve picked up from the internship?
    I was fortunate enough to handle a wide variety of projects and tasks which gave me experience in areas I’ve typically never dealt with before, such as managing several projects and contacting clients directly. Having been through the firsthand participation, I understood that being a better designer requires skills beyond what we have obtained from our education.

    If given a choice, would you prefer working from home or coming back to the office?
    Working from home (or in my case, NTU Hall) sounds pretty comfortable and all, but personally I’d still prefer to come down to the office. It definitely makes communication more effective and it’s fun to be able to have a bit of chit-chat going on across the room!


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