10 Questions to ask before revamping your website

13 December 2022
5 min read

With the abundance of exceptional websites that the big wide web has to offer, it might get your heart pumping to improve your website so that it stands a chance at capturing the attention of your audience. However, before kick-starting a website redesign project, there are several quick questions you might want to consider to fully understand what your website truly needs to stay competitive.

do you need a website revamp

1. Have business goals changed or expanded?

For some, the initial company objectives and business ventures might have changed in as short as 3 years. Thus, there is a need to update old services and spruce up the site with new content.

2. Is your website failing to achieve your business goals?

Not only is a website a business front’s online presence, it can also help catapult your brand to a wider audience.

3. Does your website need a content management system to keep content relevant?

With a Content Management System (CMS) and a WordPress website, you will be able to edit the content at any time and on any occasion. This allows a lesser reliance on developers whenever there is a need to update content.

In addition, if you foresee frequent layout changes or want more control over the creative decisions of your new site, you might want to consider using Elementor in your website development.

4. Can users navigate through the website easily?

This is for all those who have no sense of direction and get lost even with Google Maps in their hands. User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) play a key role in eliminating tedious steps and creating a focus on the intended message of a website.

5. Is the website visually outdated?

Websites do not necessarily mature like fine wine. If you’re still trapped in the 90s or your website resembles Internet Explorer Version 1, maybe it’s time to let go of the past and revitalise the site by staying up to trends or staying timeless.

Have a story to tell? Our Interactive Web Design might be the exact tool that you need.

6. Is the business website not optimised for mobile or smaller screens?

In a 2021 study, 6.37 billion people have smartphones that can access the internet. Having a website that is not mobile-optimised and broken is detrimental to a brand’s reputation.

7. Is your website missing a sitemap and contact page?

Sitemaps allow Google to find your website and recommend it to Googlers through natural and paid keywords. While a good and visible contact page can allow users to take the next step to contact your business or make an appointment.

8. Is the page visually displeasing and inconsistent with your brand?

Just like an uneven brow, staying consistent on both sides might be more significant than you think. Just rebranded? Well, it’s time to change up the website as well.

9. Does the website run on current trending web browsers?

As Cinderella has showed us, one shoe does not fit all. A website might not look and work the same across all browers, but we aim to make your website accessible through all browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Moreover, we conduct extensive quality assurance checks to make sure that your website is good and ready to go.

10. Is your website not hitting your view count target?

If you see short engagements with your website or users not going to the right conversion pages, that might be because the website is not user-friendly. Through a thorough UI / UX analysis and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), a website can go from not appearing in search results to being on the first page.

I have reviewed my website, what should I do now?

Said ‘Yes!’ to 2 or more? It might be time to contact a web design and development agency in Singapore to get a consultation for your website to inquire how to improve it.

If you said ‘Yes!’ to 5 or more, it’s a good indication that your website is in need of a full site revamp. At Oangle, we are highly experienced in rejuvenating websites to give your brand a stronger web presence. Email us at [email protected] or simply call us at +65 6631 8520 to find out more.

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